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From its humble beginnings in 1938, Midwest Radio Network has grown to be a global player in online news media while maintaining its root involvement in regional broadcasting.

Digital Media - Online News

Midwest Radio Network operates more than 100 eNewspapers on behalf of Big News Network. Each stand-alone, interactive news portal , has been developed over the past two decades, utilising software created by Midwest's in-house developers and programmers. The network of eNewspapers services the world's major regions, countries, cities, U.S. states, as well as industry, business and sports sectors.          

Radio Broadcasting

Midwest Radio Network operates broadcasting stations 2LT and Move FM servicing Lithgow, Bathurst, Oberon and the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, (Australia). The network plans in 2018 to activate translator broadcasting stations in the Blue Mountains extending its coverage. The group through an associate company is also one of the largest shareholders in Irish FM network iRadio which covers 15 counties throughout the Northwest, Northeast and Midlands areas of Ireland.          



The concept of a network of online newspapers, now operated by Midwest Radio Network, was developed in 2000 as part of the then-evolving Big News Network, which comprises in addition to its signature Big News Network.com portal, a complete directory of News. Net sites comprising every major region, country, city, U.S. state and business industry in the world. The directory of News.Net sites, powered by Big News Network content was to be complemented by a smaller range of premier sites devoted to the most-frequently searched-for locations for news. Extensive research was conducted to identify these locations and a list of 115 locations comprising some of the largest and most populated regions, countries, and cities as well as U.S. states were selected to be part of this network. The concept was to develop the sites in a newspaper format with newspaper type names (herald, sun, telegraph, star, times and so on). Research then took place to establish appropriate names for each location. Names similar to existing newspapers or other news media, or any media, were eliminated. In some cases multiple names were earmarked for registration to establish a choice of names and also to pre-empt similar sites being established. Around September 2002 most of these domains were registered. From that point development was underway to establish the network of sites. In 2003 the sites began to be launched. In 2011 some 15 industry sites, a business portal, and a sports site, were added to the collection. In 2012 the sites, which had to this point been operated independently, were revamped and brought in under the Big News Network umbrella, the final step in the evolution of the Big News Network concept which had begun in 1998.


Broadcasting station 2LT was launched in 1938 as part of the Macquarie Broadcasting Network by Midwest Radio Network Pty Ltd (then named Lithgow Broadcasters Pty Ltd). In 1996 Kiss FM (now 107.9 Move) was launched on the 95.3 MHz frequency. In the early 2000s the then-Australian Broadcasting Tribunal took back the 95.3 frequency and allocated a new frequency of 107.9 as the 95.3 frequency was required for a new Sydney station. The 95.3 frequency was sold at auction by the tribunal on 15 April 2004 for $106 million to DMG Radio Australia which used the frequency to launch Vega FM, since re-branded smoothfm. The ABA in return awarded two FM frequencies to the Midwest group to operate translator stations in Katoomba and the Blue Mountains. Lengthy delays in activating the stations have occurred largely due to extensive delays in works planned for the tower on which the antenna supporting the services is to be erected and inadequate power and radiation pattern specifications permitted by the Australian Media and Communications Authority. The company has requested a variation to these specifications and a decision is pending. The restoration of the tower is expected to be completed in 2018. The serviceability of broadcasting in the Blue Mountains has been a challenging exercise for broadcasters over several decades. The terrain is difficult to reach on a consistent and serviceable basis. The company remains committed to overcoming these challenges and is hopeful of having the services become fully operational in 2018. Midwest Radio has also applied to the ACMA to convert its traditional 2LT station from AM to FM. In November 2013 the company through associated company Big News Network FZ LLC acquired a 10% interest in Ireland's iRadio, an FM radio network operating on frequencies of 96.9, 102, 194, 105 and 107 FM, covering the counties of Galway, Sligo, Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon, Longford, Donegal, Kildare, Meath, Westmeath, Laois, Offaly, Louth, Cavan and Monaghan.

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Africa Leader Arab Herald Asia Bulletin Asia Pacific Star Cambodian Times Central Asia Times Europe Sun Herald Globe Middleeast Star South East Asia Post


Afghanistan Sun Argentina Star Australian Herald Bangladesh Sun Brazil Sun Cambodian Times Canada Standard Caribbean Herald China National News Greek Herald Haiti Sun India Gazette Iran Herald Iraq Sun Irish Sun Israel Herald Jamaican Times Japan Herald Kenya Star Malaysia Sun Mexico Star Nepal National New Zealand Star Nigeria Sun North Korea Times Pakistan Telegraph Philippine Times Russia Herald Sierra Leone Times Singapore Star Srilanka Source Taiwan Sun The UK News The US News Trinidad Times Venezuela Star Vietnam Tribune Zimbabwe Star

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Albuquerque Express Atlanta Leader Austin Globe Baltimore Star Baton Rouge Post Beijing Bulletin Birmingham Star Boston Star Buffalo Breeze Charlotte Star Chicago Chronicle Cincinnati Sun Cleveland Star Dallas Sun Denver Sun Detroit Star Dublin News Hong Kong Herald Houston Mirror Indianapolis Post Kansascity Post Knoxville Times Las Vegas Herald London Mercury Los Angeles Herald Memphis Sun Miami Mirror Milwaukee Sun Nashville Herald New Orleans Sun New York Telegraph Oklahoma City Sun Orlando Echo Paris Guardian Perth Herald Peking Press Philadelphia Herald Phoenix Herald Pittsburgh Star Raleigh Times Sacramento Sun Salt Lake City Sun San Antonio Post San Diego Sun San Francisco Star San Jose Sun Seattle Bulletin Shanghai Sun St Louis Star Sydney Sun Tampa Star Toronto Telegraph Tucson Post Tuscaloosa Times Vancouver Star

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Arizona Herald California Telegraph Colorado Star Florida Statesman Hawaii Telegraph Maine Mirror Maryland Leader Massachusetts Sun Michigan Sun New Jersey Telegraph New York Statesman North Carolina Daily Ohio Standard Oklahoma Star Oregon Telegraph Pennsylvania Sun Tennessee Daily Texas Guardian Utah Independent Wisconsin Star

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Breaking Property News Broadcast Communications Business Sun Entertainment Sun International Technology International Travel News Manufacturing Mirror Professional Autos Sports Sun Tennis Times Travel Trade

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Auckland Sun | BC Post | Barbados Bulletin | Belfast Bulletin | Belgium Sun | Birmingham News | Brisbane Star | Bristol Star | Calgary Monitor | Cape Town Express | Cardiff Star | Central Coast News | Chile Sun | Denmark Sun | Dutch Sun | Germany Sun | Illinois Intelligencer | Johannesburg Life | Kolkata Sun | Kuala Lumpur Times | Leeds Times | Liverpool Star | Long Beach Star | Madagascar Sun | Manila Metro | Mediterranean Times | Mexico City Sun | Moscow Inquirer | Munich Metro | Myanmar Sun | Northern Ireland News | Oakland Times | Orange County Sun | Poland Sun | Rio de Janeiro Sun | Santa Barbara Post | Scandinavia Times | Scotland Star | South America Times | St Petersburg Star | Sweden Sun | Switzerland Times | Thailand Herald | Yorkshire Observer

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